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"YES! This is the same strategy Thomas uses with EVERY horse. No matter if it is a young horse, problem horse or ordinary training horse.... (Normally 418$ - Today for only 47$) !!!!

Hi David here!

I have something really exciting for you and that is the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial by Thomas Guenther. Until you know this strategy and can really implement it with your horse, you should stop training your horse.

But before I give you this tutorial, I want to tell you why this topic is so important to the horse world.

I am the founder of Calm Horse Academy and our vision is to make healthy knowledge for riders and horses available to as many people as possible.

And not just any knowledge. We only show you things that will really help you.

We have worked with well over a hundred trainers.

But never before have we received so much enthusiastic feedback as with Thomas Günther.

In the first online course, he completely blew away not only me but also the more than 800 participants.

The success of each participant was simply incredible.

Since I just couldn't believe how successful his strategies were, I asked Thomas “How in the world did you come up with this strategy?”

He then told me that 13 years ago, a mounted horse arrived at his training center.
At first he thought that the horse was an “ordinary” problem horse.
But it was not!
The mare attacked him as soon as he wanted a little something from her. She was so caught in her old habit that she only reacted by biting and kicking.
This was not just a problem horse. The horse was really aggressive.

Only when Thomas started to work on the absolute basis, the catching, did the mare open up completely to him.

Since that day, it is mandatory for Thomas' complete training team to start with every training horse at the absolute base: and that is the catching! And yes, the team around Thomas starts with EVERY horse with the capture, no matter how well the horse is already trained.

Wondering what exactly "capture" is supposed to mean?

When catching, your horse should come up to you full of joy when you call him.

Here you can see an example of a participant:

That you can always and everywhere catch your horse is an absolute obligation and you should not work with your horse if this does not work reliably.

Sure, maybe sometimes your horse will just come when you call him. But does it work when your horse is surrounded by his buddies? Or is he standing in a fresh and lush meadow? You don't have any treats with you?

Does your horse really always gallop towards you full of joy and motivation when you call him?

Perhaps you are now asking yourself why your horse should necessarily be able to do this?

Once you've mastered capture, you've learned real communication with your horse. Without any aids. You now really speak “horse language” and have also learned to read your horse's responses.
No matter if you have a young horse, a problem horse, or think that everything is working smoothly right now….
Going back to the basics to see if you are really using the same level of communication is the most important gift you can give yourself and your horse

This was also confirmed by the more than 800 participants in the first round.

These participants have partly spent over 399$ for this strategy and nevertheless all were completely enthusiastic.

In total, we received over 100 feedback videos. Here you can see a few more participant successes:

Lena Sausewind

What a great 31 days are behind us. Last summer I participated for the first time in a horsemanship camp in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and now this great online course followed. Now I guess I am completely infected with the horsemanship virus. The videos were so structured and logically built on each other that it actually only took time and diligence to practice and implement everything. The relationship with my little Black Forest horse has changed so much. We have really grown together as a team and now have a desire for even more input! A big thank you to the Pro Ride team. Anytime I would participate in such an online format again!

Best regards Lena

Antje Koch

The catching challenge has totally motivated me. Thomas is so right, it doesn't matter now if the horse gets lost during free work. I now have all the tools to catch him again at any time. Thanks Thomas!!!

Best regards Antje


Sonja Neidhardt

After the first round we thought… we want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible!

And that's why you have the chance to get the "Catch me if you can" video tutorial for only 47$.

Yes the complete training with Thomas Günther, where he shows you step by step how his strategy works,…

costs you only 47$

Once you see and implement this strategy, your relationship with your horse is guaranteed to go to the next level. But we asked ourselves…how can we offer you even more and help you with your horse even more. That's why we've added these bonuses for you.

YES David! I would like to have immediate access to the "Catch me if you can" video tutorial + bonuses for only 47$!

Total value 418$

Today only 47$

If you get your "Catch me if you can" video tutorial (197$ for only 47$).

…then you get all 5 bonus materials for FREE!

Bonus 1: “Learn to read horses" package

3 brilliant instructional videos from real professionals in the field of natural horse language.

Total value 79$

If you're thinking to yourself now that you'd like to communicate with your horse at eye level….
…and really want to understand your horse in his most natural language, then you will be thrilled by these bonus videos!

  1. Really Understanding Horse Language by Franziska Pysall
  2. The natural learning behavior of horses + using positive reinforcement correctly by Nina Schneider
  3. Character analysis, type dependent training and the different learning types (introvert, extrovert,…) by Dr. Vivian Gabor

Get this bonus FREE when you order the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial today!

Bonus 2: “Star Artist" E-Book

7 creative exercises that deepen the connection with your horse maximally and playfully
Total value 27$

Each exercise is explained step by step so that you can work on the lesson specifically and without detours. And you will be amazed how easy these exercises will be for your horse once he has internalized the absolute basics – catching.

Are you ready for more variety and fun in everyday life with your horse?

Get this bonus FREE when you order the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial today!

Bonus 3: “33 Serenity tips" checklist

33 calmness tips that will quickly bring your horse back to calmness and serenity
Total value 17$

Your horse is afraid of an umbrella…?
…or other everyday objects?
Then you can quickly bring your horse back to more calmness and composure with these 33 composure tips. With this checklist you can check exactly where the “hacks” and on which cogs you can turn, so that your horse also becomes a real reliance horse.

Get this bonus FREE when you order the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial today!

Bonus 4: “The 5 minutes horse training" video tutorial

You will be amazed what is possible in 5 minutes
Total value 39$

You wonder if you can really train a horse in 5 minutes?
I can already tell you one thing. You will be amazed what is possible in 5 minutes in horse training, if you know what really matters! Let yourself be surprised and be curious about the valuable knowledge of Thomas Günther.

Get this bonus FREE when you order the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial today!

Bonus 5: “Brain Booster" video tutorial

In the “Brain Booster” you learn exactly how to effectively increase the concentration and attention of your horse.
Total value 59$

Most horse people never start free work properly because their horse immediately goes to the grass, or engages with herd mates as soon as the halter is down….
No wonder when you consider that most horse owners lack clear instructions on how to start properly.
But what do 99.9% of horse owners have in common who can easily do free work with their horse in any pasture?
They can all consciously direct their horse's attention. That's why the “Brain Booster” teaches you exactly how to effectively increase your horse's concentration and attention.

Get this bonus FREE when you order the “Catch me if you can” video tutorial today!

The complete "Catch me if you can" video tutorial and all 5 bonus modules you get TODAY for only 47$.

You might be wondering why I'm giving you all this for only 47$? It's simple. Because I want absolutely every horse owner to have access to this unique horse knowledge.
That's why you really only pay 47$.

But you should hurry. 

I don't know how long we can keep the price at 47$. This is really a test and we don't earn a cent from this 47$.

And I am even so convinced of this ingenious package that I will send you a

14 days money back guarantee.

If you secure the package and think it is not worth 47$, you will get a full refund. No ifs, no buts and no questions asked.
All you have to do is fill out the form below.

You will then immediately receive an email with your personal login details to all content and bonuses.

You can start training today and change your relationship with your horse forever.

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